1940 Crocker
1942 Flathead
The Winged Death's Head 
The crown, or upper portion of the stone, holds pictorial representations of spirits. One of the most common representations is the skull, or death's head, often pictured with wings. Early representations tend to portray skulls with empty eye sockets and rows of teeth. Later representations sometimes called a soul effigy became more cherubic, and some even angelic. The symbolic significance of these pictures is a matter of dicussion. At its simplest, the skull portrays death. The addition of wings may suggest the soul's migration and a resurrection, or the spirit that flies from the body, leaving death.
1941 FL 74 OHV
My 1960 Pan - I built  this one
My First Harley-1970 Chopper
My Best Friend - Fred
1936 Indian Chief - Restoration by me
  --T H E   D E A T H   H E A D   S T O N E S --
1947 EL - 67" OHV
1955 FL 80"
1974 FLH 74"
Slightly wrecked 1936 Indian Chief Flathead 80"
Remember me as you pass by

As you are now so once was I

As I am now so you will be

Prepare for death and follow me
Cuz Bob's Triumph
Cuz Bob's Flathead 80
Cuz Bob's Pan Head
Dan's 1975 101" Shovel Head